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Healthcare Inspired STATbadges

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Don't wait, buy a STATbadge today!

Don't see what you want? Design your custom STATbadge here.

STATbadge is a stringless, two-piece magnetic badge holder designed to enable easy one-handed badge use without the risk of strangulation or the annoyance of a sagging reel or lanyard! Designed and made in Houston, Texas by two ICU nurses, STATbadge will keep you safe without slowing you down. Upgrade to STATbadge today. Slide off, snap on, stay safe with the STATbadge! 

Included with each STATbadge:

● Front of your choice

● Universal Back

● Improved Scrub Clip

● Reinforced Alligator Clip

● Reinforced Badge Loop

● All Metal accessory Clip