The STATbadge is a one-handed two part magnetic badge clip that quickly and easily slides off and snaps back on. As ICU nurses and with workplace violence on the rise, we created the STATbadge to protect our friends. Badge reels and neck lanyards can too easily get wrapped around someone's neck and be used as a weapon against them or get caught and pull someone into dangerous machinery. With the STATbadge, there is no string to break or get wrapped around your neck making the STATbadge a more reliable and safer option in unpredictable and challenging situations.
Our Vision: To facilitate healthcare workers in improving their own safety and to inspire leaders to prioritize a culture of safety in the healthcare environment.
Our Mission: To provide a badge holder for healthcare workers that improves user safety with a stringless design while still enabling easy, one-handed badge use.
And that's not all! The STATbadge can be used by anyone including doctors, EMS, fire, police, and teachers. It's also the best option for engineers and mechanics working around heavy equipment and machinery.
Thanks for considering STATbadge,

Jacob and Kristen Schapson